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Let's Konekt.


WE-KONEKT is a mobile app for connecting individuals, couples, or groups of people in your area that are interested in meeting up for the same activity without having to plan for it in advance.

It is available for download to users on Android and iOS operating systems from Google Play and the App Store, initially in the United States, with hopes of scaling to international use later.


Reasons WE-KONEKT is good for you:

  • You don't have to endure one to two weeks of prior planning and coordination for an outing, like other people matching apps.

  • We provide more than just one-on-one connections. Couples can meet up with other couples, you can be part of a group activity, or you can mix and match.

  • It provides opportunities to those traveling away from home to experience an unknown place with those who are more familiar with the area.

  • Because you meet up in the near future, all of the communication can be done through the app so there is no need to disclose your personal contact information.

  • Meet up at a chosen place for an activity without any pressure or preconceived expectations. It doesn’t have to feel like a “date”.

  • Although a recurring monthly subscription is available (for social butterflies), you can choose any of our shorter term pay-as-you-go options. This is ideal for people on vacation or out of town on business who want to use it sporadically.

  • No risk for 1-day subscribers. Guess what? You don't pay if you don't “konekt” within the first 24 hours. We realize that 24 hours is a short period of time to confirm a meeting, so if you don’t communicate with another user during that time, we won’t charge you.

  • Best of all, your body will love you for getting out and engaging in a physical activity. No more "I don't want to do it by myself".  Meet someone new, exercise, and have fun all at the same time.

Let's konekt!



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Subscription Tiers

WE-KONEKT is free (!!) to all of its users. Create a profile and start exploring today. However, konekting with other users requires one of our subscriptions. Upgrade to one of our four plans to chat and meet with other users.


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